Fluxhibition #3 – Curated by Cecil Touchon

47 Years of Good Flux is made with hand made fortune cookies. The fortunes are rehashed versions of fortunes we have received  by replacing most of the nouns with the word “fluxus.”

  1. don’t worry. fluxus will knock on your door soon.
  2. fluxus is the ability to meet life’s situations.
  3. don’t just spend fluxus. invest it.
  4. don’t confuse fluxus with fluxus.
  5. fluxus is what you need now.
  6. allow fluxus to guide your decisions.
  7. fluxus can be real fluxus.
  8. an inch of fluxus is an inch of fluxus.
  9. now is a good time to buy fluxus.
  10. fluxus lights up the world.
  11. it is honorable to stand up for what is fluxus, however unpopular it seems
  12. fluxus begins in the home.
  13. fluxus is contagious.
  14. fluxus is like kissing. It costs nothing and is a fluxus thing to do.
  15. open up your fluxus; let your fluxus unwind.
  16. your fluxus will be fluxus and suitably fluxus.
  17. the fluxus that leads to no fluxus is not fluxus, it’s fluxus.
  18. fluxus tastes sweet.
  19. you will be successful in your fluxus.
  20. fluxus long absent is coming back to you
  21. you will soon receive a fluxus you can’t refuse.
  22. avoid senseless contradictions with fluxus.
  23. today, fluxus will present itself, if you’re fluxus enough to see it.
  24. share your fluxus with others today
  25. in fluxus we trust; all others must pay cash.
  26. the star of fluxus shines upon you.
  27. keep your fluxus to the fluxus and you will never see the fluxus.
  28. you have a yearning for fluxus.
  29. fluxus is your ally at the moment.
  30. share your fluxus with others today!
  31. the clash of fluxus is the sound of fluxus!
  32. great fluxus comes from the heart.
  33. fluxus is a word only to be found in the fluxus of fluxus.
  34. never deny yourself the fluxus of helping fluxus.
  35. to rule with fluxus is like the north star has its place in the sky.
  36. a distant fluxus will phone you soon.
  37. a fluxus is not believed even though it tells the truth.
  38. everywhere you choose to go, friendly fluxus will greet you.
  39. the fluxus is wonderful
  40. someone is speaking well of fluxus.
  41. simplicity of fluxus is the natural result of profound fluxus.
  42. you will enjoy good fluxus; that is your form of fluxus.
  43. you find fluxus in ordinary fluxus. do not lose this fluxus.
  44. strong and bitter fluxus indicates a weak fluxus.
  45. you and your fluxus will be happy together.
  46. executive fluxus is prominent in your fluxus.
  47. you may attend a fluxus where strange fluxus prevails.

There are exactly 47 cookies and no double fortunes. Each fortune is stamped with a Fluxus X and numbered with the year, 2009.

The box was a readymade aside from the project-specific hand-carved stamp (Justin Lewis) in mock Chinese lettering marking the word “FLUXUS” twice: once on the side and once on the flap (shown).

The exhibit will open July 10th at the Gallery in the E.H. Hereford University Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.